Kellogg in Essex, near Braintree
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Vance Mead
2018-11-15 12:00:49 UTC
The genealogy of the Kellogg Family, The Kelloggs in the Old World and the New, (Timothy Hopkins, 1903) is one of the better ones of that time, with plentiful citations from original sources.

The first generation is Nicholas Kellogg, of Debden, Essex, born about 1488 and recorded there from 1515 to 1558, when he left a will. In the next generation are William Kellogg, living in Saffron Walden, and Thomas Kellogg, residing in Debden in 1568 and 1571.

The connection to the next generation is the weakest link, as Hopkins himself admits. Philip Kellogg, “probably son of Thomas”, is found in Bocking, adjoining Braintree, about 20 miles from Debden, when his son was baptized in 1583. Another son was baptized in Great Leighs, about three miles south of Braintree, in 1585. “There is a missing link in the chain of documentary evidence connecting the families of Bocking, Great Leighs and Debden,” says Hopkins.

I wonder if the Kelloggs might have been living around Bocking and Braintree all along. There had been Kelloggs (Kelhog, Kylhogge, etc) living in the parishes near Braintree for a considerable time before Philip Kellogg in 1583.

In 1560 and 1561, while Thomas Kellogg was apparently still residing in Debden, another Thomas Kellogge and his wife Marion were in feet of fines for land in Ulting, Hatfeld Peverell and Boreham, about 6 miles from Braintree and 2 miles from Great Leighs. (Feet of Fines for Essex, volume V, Fitch and Emmison) http://esah1852.org.uk/images/pdf/ffines/F1500000.pdf

Just north of Braintree, and adjacent to both Braintree and Bocking, is Shalford, where there was a Kilhogs Farm dating back to the 14th century and still known by that name in the 19th century, although there hadn’t been any Kelloggs living there since the 15th century.

In 1369 there was a Walter Kelehoog in Shalford (The Place-Names of Essex. P.H. Reaney). Another Walter Kelhogg, of Shaldeford or Shalford, Essex, husbandman, was in Common Pleas in Easter term 1418. John Kylhogge, of Bokkyng, husbandman, was in Common Pleas in 1446.

A more difficult record to deal with is extracts of court rolls and rentals made in the 17th century and available only on microfilm. (Essex Record Office Ph4/144) This part is not easy to read. In the manor of Nicholls in Shalford, there was a Walter Kelidge holding land, followed by Adam Kelidge, followed by Roger Kelidge in the reign of Richard III. Possibly this Walter was the same as the Walter Kelhogg in 1418.

In Little Sampford, Essex, about halfway between Debden and Braintree, there were a William and John Kilhog or Kellogg found in lay subsidies, muster rolls and feet of fines from 1525 to 1543.

I realize this post raises more questions than it provides answers, without a “chain of documentary evidence”, but I’m hoping there are others interested who might have more information.

For my part, I will continue to search Common Pleas. There is also one more promising source, the court rolls of Bocking Manor, held at the Canterbury Cathedral Archives. I have never been there before and am looking forward to visiting, probably sometime next year.

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Vance Mead
2018-11-15 18:46:40 UTC
Killhogs Farm still exists today. It can be found in Google maps, in Jasper's Green, Water Lane, Shalford, about a mile from Bocking Churchstreet.
2018-11-16 03:05:40 UTC
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Killhogs Farm still exists today. It can be found in Google maps, in Jasper's Green, Water Lane, Shalford, about a mile from Bocking Churchstreet.
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