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2019-12-31 03:44:23 UTC
My connection to Moneypenny is Cardinal David Beaton had 8 children with daughter of king of France. Lady Ogilvy ..
Google David, fallowing his path and hers gave me my Moneypenny family..
If helps you find more Moneypenny family. Ogilvy are Moneypenny
My Grandfather brought her put her in a few castle's not in marriage had 8 children with her and more children with other women. While in control of Scottish parliament working on treaty between France and England.. He was a big problem why France was mad at Catholic faith. He Beaton, never married her,keeping her children bastard.. in eyes of France and Scotland, England late 1400.
Sorry sloppy info.. I just found your message board and I'm on way out the door. I'm on Ancestry.com getting my info
Vance Mead
2019-12-31 09:38:13 UTC
Understood that this is all 20 years old.

It appears that the surname Moneypenny / Manypeny could also have had an English origin,
though probably not of exalted Norman blood.

These are from entries in Common Pleas. First, a yeoman family in Biggleswade, Beds:

Easter 1396
Last entry:
Herts. John Manypeny, of Bekylswade/Biggleswade, (Beds), plaintiff

Easter 1416
Third to last entry:
London. John Manypeny, of Bykeswade, Beds, yeoman, one of the defendants

Hilary 1427
Second entry:
Beds. Thomas Manypeny, of Bykeleswade, butcher, one of the plaintiffs

Then there were at least three William Manypenys at the time of the Wars of the Roses:

Trinity 1450
Second to last entry:
Essex. William Manypeny, prior of St Lawrence the Martyr, Blakemore, plaintiff

Hilary 1460
First entry:
Lincs. William Manypeny, clerk, plaintiff for trespass at Snellesland/Snelland

Hilary 1484
Second to last entry:
Hunts. William Manypeny, of Godmanchester, merchant

Has William Moneypenny, the messenger between the Earl of Warwick and the King
of France been identified. Are his origins known?
Vance Mead
2019-12-31 13:32:25 UTC
Here is a reference to William Manypeny in 1467, in Rymer's Fedora.

June 25. Safe conduct for the abp. of Narbonne, the bastard of Bourbon count of Rousillon, William Manypeny, lord of Cungersamt, and William le Rous, secretary of Louis K. of France.


Is Cungersamt Cameron, a parish in Fife?