Clay Family
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2004-08-05 01:04:45 UTC

I hope someone know about Clay Family. I need some information on his family
so you can see. In addition, I need the parents of Sir John Clay
(1558-1632). Maybe I was wrong on this.

Here is:

SIR JOHN CLAY (1558-1632), Coal Baron of Wales, was knighted by Queen
Elizabeth. Perhaps they were having a heating crisis in England at that time). It
is said that he was a great-grandson of the John Clay who was knighted by King
Edward IV for action in the Battle of Tewkesbury in May 1471. He had a son.
Captain John Clay (1587-1656) who was a British Grenadier.

My lineage:

1) John Claye: b. about 1440 in Derbyshire, England; d. (?); m. ______. They
had a son.

2) John Claye of Derby: b. about 1460 in Derbyshire, England; d. (?); m.
_____. They had a son.

3) John Claye of Glouchester: b. about 1510 in Gloucester, England; m.
______. They had a son.

4) Sir John Thomas Clay “Coal Baron of Wales”: b. 27 November 1558 in
Gloucestershire, England; d. 16 May 1632 in Monmouthshire, Wales; m. Mary Carlton
about 1580 in England. Mary: b. 1561 or 1566 in England; died 1587 in England
and was the daughter of William Carlton who was said to be a servant to Henry

Children of Sir John Clay and Mary Carlton are:

i. Theopolis Claye: b. 1582 in England; d. in England.
ii. Richard Claye: b. about 1585 in Monmouthshire, Wales; d. 1655 in

There is no record of him coming to America, but had two sons,
Francis and
Edward. Settled in Northumberland Co., VA and Richard died
between 1653 and
1655. (Sources: Ancestry.com.)

Richard remained in Monmouthshire, Wales to inherit the title and
estate. Two of
his sons came to America – Frances came to Northumberland Co., VA
in 1649 and
his wife arrived in 1652, and Edward came to Northumberland Co.,
VA in 1659.

iii. Capt John Thomas Clay: b. 1587 in Monmouthshire, Wales; d. 7 April
1655 in
Jamestown, Charles City Co., VA; m. Anne Nichols 1612 in England.
iv. Charles Clay: b. 1587; d. 1610.
v. William Clay: b. after 1602 in Wales; d.1655 in Charles City Co.,
VA; he came to
Charles Co., VA 1638.
vi. Henry Clay: b. 1587 in England.

5) Capt John Thomas Clay was born 1587 in Monmouthshire, Wales. He died 7
April 1655 in Jamestown, Charles City Co., Virginia; buried in VA. He married
[1] Ann Nicholls 1612 in London, England. Ann was born 1594 in England. She
died 1660 in Charles Co., Virginia. He married [2] Elizabeth [?].

Clay, John, an ancient planter, came to Virginia in 1613 and his wife Ann in
1623. He patented lands in 1635 on Ward’s creek, in what is now Prince George
County. (Source: Virginia Biography, p. 212)

John Thomas Clay landed at Jamestown, VA in 1613 and settled in Charles City
County, Virginia. John Thomas Clay, the Grenadier (hired soldier in the
King's army) arrived in the new world in February 1613 according to the muster on
the ship “Treasurer”. The “Treasurer was commanded and partially owned by
Captain Samuel Argall, who was a brother of Elizabeth Argall Filmer, ancestress
of Martha and Lucy Green Clay (wife of Henry Clay 1713-1764).

John Clay was the first of this family in Virginia. He was living at
Jordan's Journey, Charles City, County, Virginia in 1625 when he made a muster of
this family in the census of that year as follows: John Claye in the "Treasurer",
February 1613 Ann Claye, his wife in the "ANN" August 1623 William Nichols,
servant, aged 26 in the "Duke" May 1619. In "Bottom's List of Emigrants to
America 1600-1700" (The Muster of the Inhabitants of Jordan’s Journey),
quote..."Charles Little taken the 20th of January, 1624 of these, the Muster of John

Just wanted to know if John’s wife Ann Nichols and John’s servant, William
Nichols were brother and sister or cousins.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you. Helen
2020-06-22 05:58:20 UTC
My husband is Charles Henry Clay of this same family line
Vance Mead
2020-06-22 07:34:58 UTC
For a start, is the the same person? From the link below:

Sir John Clay of Crich in the county of Derbyshire was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I in 1588 and was granted the same coat of arms of which the design on his shield is described as three trefoils between a chevron (an inverted scalloped triangle). The background of the shield is described as argent which is a French word for silver and the scalloped triangle and trefoils are described as sable which is the heraldry term for black.

Sir John Clay of Crich died in 1633...

2020-06-22 19:29:35 UTC
If anyone has any credible evidence that the Clay family descendants in Virginia, descend from a noble or knighted family I would love to see it.

From what I've found, there isn't any.