Denhams presumably behind Edward Hunlock of New Jersey
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Johnny Brananas
2021-06-09 22:23:56 UTC
Edward Hunlock of New Jersey sojourned briefly around 1690 in New England, at which time he is named as "son Edward Hunlocke in New England" in the will of Martha Hunlocke, widow, of Clapham, Surrey (she mentions other children George, Francis, Martha, Sarah (Hunlocke) Pettit, and Penelope).


The will of her husband, Francis Hunlocke, painter stainer of London, from 1679, mentions Martha, and children George, Francis, Edward, Martha, Sarah, Penelope, and, a little oddly, his "daughter the widow Hunlocke." Also three grandchildren, including "my late grandchild Denham Hunlocke."


Are these the wills of a married couple? Presumably, based on the good match of names of shared children (Martha's will seems to mention one of the three grandchildren named by Francis).

Francis Hunlocke's will had mentioned "my late brother Denham Hunlocke deceased."

Presumably, Denham Hunlocke is the person of that name shown in a genealogical chart (though without a brother Francis) in _Surrey Archaeological Collections_... v.30 1917:


Denham was the son of Thomas Hunlocke of Dronfield, Derbyshire, by his wife Judith Denham, daughter of William Denham, goldsmith of London, who was buried at Thorpe, Surrey, in 1583.

William Denham's interesting brass from 1583 is shown here (with several coats of arms that haven't apparently been thoroughly explored):

Johnny Brananas
2021-06-09 22:54:22 UTC
"[William's widow] Joan Denham's maiden name is unknown, although Stephenson thought it to have been Prideaux."