Belasye tidbit
(too old to reply)
Will Johnson
2021-09-14 00:52:23 UTC
Henry Belayse by Grace Barton had several children baptised at
Coxwold, co York (Batch P00755-1 wj)

including that Frances Belayse (female)
bap 13 Nov 1636
who married Henry /Jones/ of Aston, co Oxon; Knt
(or Astell oxon ?)

both of these parents were dead *by* 1685
when their sole heiress Frances Jones
obtained a marriage license
dated 16 Mar 1684/1685 "she abt 19"
to marry Richard Lumley

not yet 1st Earl of Scarborough
Will Johnson
2021-09-14 01:44:06 UTC
The mother of Frances Belayse was Grace Barton "sole heiress of her father"
Thomas /Barton/ of Smithells, co Lanc; Knt
by his wife
Christiana /Cartwright/


Going up the Cartwright line, Leo has very few to no dates for her ancestors.
But we can assign a few date ranges at least

William /Molyneux/ of Haughton, co Nott
third son
died 31 Oct 1541

his father
Robert /Molyneux/ of Haughton, co Nott; Knt
died 13 Apr 1539