ERNLE of Brembridge manor, Dilton, parish of Westbury [Leigh], Wiltshire, Thomas 2nd son of John Ernle, Esq., of Bourton manor, Bishop's Cannings, Wilts. and his wife, Mary, daughter of William Hyde, Esq., of Denchworth, Berks. (1562 Wiltshire Visitation)
(too old to reply)
2006-03-28 05:44:26 UTC
My ancestor Thomas Ernle (b.ca 1544, d. 1595), gent., of Brembridge manor in
Dilton, parish of Westbury (Leigh), Wilts., was buried in Westbury parish
church on 3 Sept. 1595. His widow Bridget, daughter of Richard Franklin (of
where?) was buried there on 1 January 1610/11.
Their eldest son Thomas Ernle, of Brembridge, Coulston, Cricklade and
Whiteparish, Wiltshire was born ca 1574-1575 according to the Inquisition
post Mortem of his father Thomas.
Many of the baptisms of his siblings are recorded at Westbury parish church
from 1578-1589. His parents had 14 children in all as far as I can
determine. His father's 1595 PCC will is a veritable goldmine in this

They were
1. Winifred Ernle b. ca 1572 married Stephen WHITAKER
2. Katharine Ernle b.ca 1574 married 1592/93, Westbury, Anthony WEEKES
3. Thomas Ernle, of Coulston etc. b.ca 1574-1575, buried at Whiteparish,
Wilts. on 27 September 1639 (why I wonder?) (MY ANCESTOR)
4. Ann Ernle b. ca 1576
5. Edward Ernle, gent., of Bath, Somerset, b. ca 1577
6. Francis Ernle, gent., of St John Zachary, London, bt. 28 dec. 1578,
Westbury, Wilt. PCC will
7. Michael Ernle, bt. 8 Jan. 1580/81, Westbury
8. Ambrose Ernle, bt. 15 Mar. 1581/2, Westbury
9. William Ernle, gent., of Bideford, Devon, bt. 29 July 1583, Westbury;
bur. 23 Mar. 1662/3, Bideford PCC will (which proved my lineage)
10. Richard Ernle, gent., of Dilton, Westbury, Wilts., bt. 20 Sept. 1584,
Westbury; d. between 29 Jan. 1649/50 and 16 May 1651 when his PCC will was
11. Dorothy Ernle, bt. 3 Oct. 1585, Westbury
12. Walter Ernle, bt. 3 Nov. 1586, Westbury
13. Banister Ernle, bt. 10 Mar. 1587/88, Westbury
14.Anthony Ernle, bt. 15 June 1589, Westbury; bur. 4 July 1598, Dilton
chapel graveyard, Westbury, Wilts.
So there must have been quite a household at Brembridge manor for a
while.The Ernles leased rather than owened it (from Lord Mountjoy).

No. 3 above is my ancestor Thomas ERNLE (1574/5-1639). He married Praxeda,
daughter of John LAMBE, lord of the manor of Coulston, Wilts., by his wife,
Ruth, daughter of William Button, Esq., of Alton Priors, and his wife
Cicely, daughter of Robert Brown(e), Esq., of Walcot, Northants.
They had issue at least the following:

3i. Cicely ERNLE, b. ca 1605-1606, m. by licence dated 12 April 1625,
Alexander STAPLES, gent., of Southampton, Hants., PCC will 24 July 1667,
when he was of Stratfield Mortimer, Hants./Berks. Had sons Alexander and
3ii. Thomas ERNLE, gent., of Braydon, Purton, Wilts., baptised 5 December
1614, Westbury; d. between 18 Nov. and 14 Dec. 1694, Archdeaconry of Wilts.
will, bur. Occurred during gap in Purton registers. He married a lady called
Jane, maiden name unknown, and had issue:
3iia.Cecilia/Cisalia ERNLE, gentlewoman, b. ca 1650 (I suppose) who m. by
lic. (record of licence not found) at Malmesbury Abbey on 17 Aug. 1672, to
Robert Phillips alias Major, gent., of Purton. Cisalia died and was buried
at Purton on 24 July 1699. Robert was buried at Purton on 24 May 1707. He
left a PCC will as Robert Phillips alias Major, yeoman, of Purton. They had

3iiaI. Cis PHILLIPS alias MAJOR, bt. 20 Feb. 1672/3, Purton (BTs), bur. 20
July 1757 in St Mary the Virgin parish churchyard at Purton aged 83 years as
Cis Large, widow, intestacy papers in Archdeaconry Court of Wilts. She
married twice. Her first husband was John HOLLIDAY (1667-1701), yeoman, of
Purton (will Archdeaconry of Wilts, 1701), by whom she had 4 children:
Robert and Elizabeth (Mrs Richard Packer) who remained in Purton, and
William and John one or more of whom probably went to Pennsylvania colony
with their uncle John PHILLIPS who had become a Quaker after marrying into
the Purton Quaker SHURMER family. Her second husband was my ancestor,
William LARGE (1679-1747), yeoman, of Purton, whom she married at Lydiard
Tregoz on 10 May 1703. Their firstborn was my ancestor Richard LARGE
(1703-1773), yeoman, of Purton, Wilts., whose first wife was Elizabeth
TEAGLE (bur. Purton, 1754), likely daughter of Samuel TEAGLE, of Wootton
Bassett and his wife Ann OKEY, and whose second wife was his kinswoman,
Sarah BUNCE, a descendant, of Jane ERNLE, Mrs Baker, whom see below, sub

3iiaII. Elizabeth PHILLIPS alias MAJOR, bt. 7 Jan. 1674/5, Purton; bur. 15
July 1697, Purton; married 16 July 1696, Purton, John CARPENTER. Had
Elizabeth, who died an infant. John CARPENTER subsequently married at
Tetbury, Glos. 1698/9, Joan daughter of William HOLLIDAY, yeoman, of Purton,
and a sister of John HOLLIDAY, first husband of Cis PHILLIPS alias MAJOR,
and had further issue mentioned his William HOLLIDAY's will (Archdeaconry
Court of Wilts., 1714)

21 Nov. 1676, Purton; died between 23 April and 14 May 1727, when he made
his will and it was proved. He married Hannah SHURMER (b. 1696), a
Quakeress, of the Purton Stoke Monthly Meeting. Their only child was born 7
March 1700/1 and recorded in Purton PR but not baptised, presumably because
John had joined the Quakers and Hannah had been reconciled to them for
marrying out by a priest, a reason for disfellowshipping. He was charged
with the upbringing of his nephew Robert HOLLIDAY in the will of his own
father (dated and proved PCC 1707). He went to Pennsylvania colony in about
1716 in the footsteps of his brother-in-law Benjamin SHURMER of Purton then
Bristol who had gone there in 1714/5. He settled in the area of Pennsylvania
that later became Delaware and joined the Duck Creek Monthly Meeting. His
will was the key to my discovery of Cis LARGE's maiden name and led to my
discovery of my ERNLE descent. It was reviewed by Peter Coldham Wilson in an
article on British probate papers for American colonists published some
years ago (The National Genealogical Society quarterly, vol. 69, p. 116),

Wills: Abstracts, Book E: 1726 - 1736: Philadelphia Co, PA
PHILLIPS, JOHN. N. Liberties, City of Philadelphia. Yeoman.
April 13, 1727/8. May 23, 1727. E.48.
Wife: Hannah. Sisters: Bridgett Gudderidge in County of Wilts, Great
Brittain and her four children. Ciss Large's Children. Friends:
Hannah Newman, John Holyday of Duck Creek, John Holyday Junr.
Maid Servant: Elizabeth Clark. Three Children of Benjamin Shurmer.
Exec: Hannah Phillips.
Wit: John Green, Job Goodsonn, Mary Cannon.

3iiaIV. Bridget PHILLIPS alias MAJOR, bt. 9 Feb. 1681/82, Purton; married 25
feb. 1706/7, All Saints' Crudwell, Wilts., John GUDDERIDGE. She seems to
have been received back into the Church of England later in life, presumably
after becoming a Quaker. She and her husband Gudderidge (a Purton family
originally) had 4 children but I have not found their names. She was buried
at Purton on 30 July 1760.

3iib. Elizabeth ERNLE, married Richard ELBOROUGH

3iic. Thomas ERNLE, gent., of Escott, Crudwell, Wilts. married Mary NN and
had Banister and Cordelia, and died in the lifetime of his father.
Banister ERNLE went to London and was an apprentice there. He married Ann
HUGGINS at St Giles Cripplegate in 1701 and had three children: Ann ERNLE,
William ERNLE, and John ERNLE. Of any further posterity I know nothing, and
the surname ERNLE is supposed to be extinct in the male line throughout the
United Kingdom, though it may have survived other variant spellings such as
EARNLY into the 19th century (census evidence).

3iid. Jane ERNLE, married William BAKER at Lydiard Tregoz on 10 April 1673.
her daughter Jane BAKER married by licence William BUNCE, wheeler, of
Purton. Their granddaughter, Sarah BUNCE, married her 2nd cousin once
removed cousin, my ancestor, Richard LARGE (1703-1773), above, as his second
wife, in Purton in 1761, and had futher issue.

3iie. Praxeda "Practsey" ERNLE, named in her father's will. She was the
namesake of her ancestress Praxeda LAMBE, Mrs Thomas ERNLE (whom see above).

3iif. Bridget ERNLE, bur. 23 June 1678, Purton (the only ERNLE entry at
Purton, partly due to gaps in the PRs.)

3iii. Frances ERNLE, baptised 1 December 1616, Westbury, Wilts.

No. 10 above, married Elizabeth COGSWELL (sister of a 1635 emigrant to
Massachusetts and ancestor of John Adams, 2nd U.S. president, and Diana,
Princess of Wales) and had issue 8 children, including 2 sons, Thomas and
Richard both baptised on 3 Sept. 1623 at Dilton. So far I have not managed
to trace their descendants properly due to gaps in the registers, though
ERNLEs were at Dilton well into the 18th century.

Richard Carruthers-Zurowski, M.A. (Oxon.)
Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA
OPC Purton and Rodbourne Cheney, Wilts.
Also conducting a one-place study of the people of Purton, Wiltshire,
England, and their interrelationships and shared roots
Douglas Richardson
2006-03-28 06:56:00 UTC
Dear Richard ~

I very much enjoyed reading your post on the Ernle family.

My six children descend from Henry Holliday, born say 1725, died 1800,
a Quaker, who marrried in 1746 at Old Swedes Church, Wilmington,
Delaware to Mary Fayle. Sources vary regarding Henry Holliday's
parentage. Some say he is the son of a William Holliday, and some say
Robert Holliday. I imagine that Henry Holliday could be a grandson of
Cis Phillips alias Major, wife of John Holliday, who you mention in
your post. By any chance, do you have any particulars on Henry
Holliday in your records?

Also, you indicated that your Ernle family might have a royal descent.
Can you share the particulars? Thanks!

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

Website: www.royalancestry.net
2006-03-28 09:01:41 UTC
Dear Douglas,

Thank you for your message about my posting.

Unfortunately you are asking about just the period where my knowledge is
hazy and for which I am seeking help.

I did, however, have a quick look in ancestry.com's World Tree database and
found instances of Henry Holliday who married Mary Fayle as the son of
either William Holliday wife Deborah or Jane or Robert Holliday wife Miriam
Haines. In both cases, however, these Hollidays appear to be Irish in origin
rather than Wiltshire (England) folk. It would appear that the problem with
Henry's parentage is a problem of filiation within the same family as there
is a Robert Holliday married to Miriam Haines who stands as the son of
William Holliday and Deborah Woodward. **

Perhaps you will be able to sort this out given that you are in that great
genealogical Mecca, Salt Lake City.



Richard Carruthers-Zurowski, M.A. (Oxon.)
Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA

**=see below (Three different versions of your children's ancestry, of which
possibly none is correct, gleaned from the Ancestry World Tree)

AWT of Murray M. Andrew
Entries: 17253 Updated: Tue Sep 16 08:10:36 2003 Contact: Murray
Milton Andrew

1 William HOLLIDAY
+ Deborah WOODWARD
2 Robert HOLLIDAY b: 20 Jul 1702
+ Patience PAINTER
+ Hannah DOBINS
+ Miriam HAINES
3 Henry HOLLIDAY b: Abt 1725 d: 9 Sep 1800
+ Mary FAYLE b: Abt 1725 d: 30 Jun 1797
4 Samuel HOLLIDAY b: 9 Dec 1746
+ Lydia HADLEY b: 24 Nov 1756 d: 1 Feb 1837
5 Mary HOLLIDAY b: 27 Jul 1773
2 Rachel HOLLIDAY b: 25 Oct 1704
+ Andrew MOORE
2 Jacob HOLLIDAY b: 20 Aug 1708
2 Margaret HOLLIDAY b: 13 Nov 1709
+ Samuel MILLER
2 William HOLLIDAY b: 13 Feb 1712
2 Sarah HOLLIDAY b: 24 Jan 1713
2 Deborah HOLLIDAY b: 28 Feb 1716
+ Jonathan LINDLEY b: 11 Mar 1719


AWT of Missouri Meadows
Entries: 1554 Updated: 2005-07-30 22:15:01 UTC (Sat) Contact: Mike

ID: I0592
Name: Henry HOLADAY 1
Sex: M
Name: Henry HOLLIDAY 1
Birth: 1706 1

Henry and his family are believed to have come to Carver's Creek MM,
Baden Co., North Carolina in about 1751 and thus were founding members
of Cane Creek MM which was set off from Carver's Creek.
See Cane Creek MM in Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy
Father: William HALLIDAY b: ABT 1680 in Dublin, Ireland
Mother: DEBORAH b: ABT 1680
Marriage 1 Mary FAYLE b: ABT 1723 in Wilmington, New Castle County, Delaware
Married: 3 MAR 1745/46 in Holy Trinity (Old Swedes) Church, Wilmington,
Delaware 1
Robert HOLADAY b: 29 SEP 1748 in Chester County, PA
Samual HOLADAY b: 9 DEC 1749 in Chester County, PA
William HOLADAY b: 10 JUN 1750 in Chester County, PA
Deborah HOLADAY b: 4 DEC 1752 in Orange County, North Carolina
Hannah HOLADAY b: 27 NOV 1754 in Orange County, North Carolina
Thomas HOLADAY b: 9 JUN 1756 in Orange County, North Carolina
Sarah HOLADAY b: 19 MAR 1758 in Orange County, North Carolina
Rebecca HOLADAY b: 21 JUN 1763 in Orange County, North Carolina
Abigail HOLADAY b: ABT 1766 in Orange County, North Carolina
Title: meadowsml.ged
Call Number:
Media: Other
Text: Date of Import: Jul 13, 2003


Descendants of Simon Hadley the Immigrant (IRE to PA/DE)
Entries: 19850 Updated: 2005-09-03 17:01:09 UTC (Sat) Contact: Hadley
ID: I3091
Name: Henry HOLLIDAY
Sex: M
Birth: 1725
Death: 9 SEP 1800 in ,Orange,NC
Burial: ,,NC
DIRECT LINE OF: Becky Teague;: Ruth Shy Wilson;
!PARENTS: William and Jane HOLLIDAY. William b. 1695, England.
UPDATE: 1998-09-14
Society; ; letter dated 3 Apr 1984 has corrections and additions re: various
family members; ; copy in possession of Hadley Society; SOURCE: Hinshaw, Vol
I, pp. 436, 447. Newlin History, p. 207; FILE: Enc #I-04-0028.001.
BURIAL: Spring Friends Cem.
Change Date: 30 APR 2000 at 15:10:51
Father: William HOLLIDAY
Mother: Jane ?
Marriage 1 Mary FAYLE b: Abt 1725
Married: 3 MAR 1746 in Wilmington,,DE
Samuel HOLLIDAY b: 9 DEC 1746 in ,Chester,PA
Robert HOLLIDAY b: 29 SEP 1748 in ,Chester,PA
William HOLLIDAY b: 10 JUN 1750 in ,Chester,PA
Deborah HOLLIDAY b: 4 DEC 1752 in ,Orange,NC
Hannah HOLLIDAY b: 27 NOV 1754 in ,Orange,NC
Thomas HOLLIDAY b: 12 JUN 1756 in ,Orange,NC
Sarah HOLLIDAY b: 19 MAR 1758 in ,Orange,NC
Abigail HOLLIDAY b: Abt 1760/1770
Henry HOLLIDAY b: Abt 1760/1770
Mary HOLLIDAY b: Abt 1760/1770
Rebecca HOLLIDAY b: 12 JUN 1764
Douglas Richardson
2006-03-28 15:33:45 UTC
Dear Richard ~

You might wish to read the following information about the ongoing
search for Henry Holliday's parentage. The author, Eve Watkins,
reports that all attempts to connect Henry Holliday to other Holliday
families in Pennsylvania have been unsuccessful. As best I can tell,
however, no effort has been made to link Henry Holliday to the Holiday
family of Duck Creek MM, Kent County, Delaware, even though Henry
Holliday was married in 1746 in Wilmington, Delaware to Mary Fayle.

I sent a copy of your post to Eve Watkins, and asked for her comment.
I'll let you know if she replies.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

Website: www.royalancestry.net

+ + + + + + + + + +

The Holaday/Fayle Forum by Eve Holaday Watkins (2001)

It is now three years since Cynthia Phillips and I first exchanged
e-mails about our family history. She is a descendent of Henry Holaday
& Mary Fayle's daughter Sarah Holaday Newlin; I of their son William
Holaday & Jane Andrew. Both of us had vague ideas about Henry and
Mary's pre-Chester County years. Each of us had a relative whose
research gave us the impetus to continue searching, and both of us were
hoping to find the 'unturned stone' that had so far escaped detection.
With her in Texas and me in Wales, we had libraries on both sides of
the Atlantic covered, so a partnership was born!

As we began posting queries on message boards, responses came in from
diverse parts of the U.S., and it was clear that there was plenty of
enthusiasm among the Holaday tribe for a sharing of oral history and
hunches. Slowly it emerged that some conclusions had already been
reached by previous investigations, and a story developed that was
plausible...but flawed. The purpose of this website is to take a closer
look at that story, to collect ideas from all branches of the family,
to encourage discussion, and to suggest ways to continue the search for
our ancestors.

I. The Hypothesis: William, Deborah & Robert Halliday

The primary source for information about early immigration from Ireland
is A.C. Myers' book The Immigration of Irish Quakers. One Halliday
family is described: William & Deborah and their five children who left
Edenderry MM in 1713 and purchased 200 acres of land in Chester Co. PA.
(William Halliday received a deed from Wm. Penn Jr. for 200 acres in
New Garden Township, for which he paid £40. Described as: Begin at
hickory tree [at the] corner of Abraham Marshall's land then E. by same
lands and lands of Simon Hadley, 229, to a post to lands of Simon
Hadley 143 to post then W. by lands of Thomas Jackson 229 to post then
S. by vacant land 140 to place of beginning. Recorded 1-11-1713). The
activities of this family are well-delineated in Quaker records.
William Halliday appeared on the Chester Co. tax lists from 1715-1737.
He took over from Thomas Jackson as overseer 10-9-1721 (New Garden MM)
and served until 11-11-1723. His name and those of his family appear
frequently in the New Garden and other minutes, and we have detailed
information about the lives of his children. Because this is not a
common surname, because the ethos of this family corresponds to what so
many of us have been led to believe, and because Henry echoed the names
of these people in his own children, there has been a temptation to try
to fit him into the family circle. The link has been made by the claim
that Henry was the son of Wm. & Deborah's eldest son Robert Halliday
and his wife Miriam Haines.

Unfortunately, this hypothesis is not backed up by documentary
evidence. When I went to the Friends Library at Swarthmore College
(where many others have gone before) in June, 2000, the records I
consulted presented the picture of a cohesive family unit in Chester
Co. --William & Deborah Halliday, son Robert, daughters Rachel,
Margaret, Sarah and Deborah--with Henry in a different orbit. The key
document concerning the proposed relationship is, of course, the
marriage certificate of Robert Halliday and Miriam Haines. There had
been a suggestion that the recorded date of 1730 was 'questionable', so
I wanted to confirm it, unequivocally, if possible. According to the
New Garden minutes, Robert & Miriam made their first declaration of
intent early in 1730. The Friends assigned to investigate their
suitability for marriage reported that they were 'free of all others'
and the couple was given permission to proceed. One month later the
marriage was postponed due to the 'indisposition of the young man's
father.' Then, in November, Robert & Miriam were married. He was 28,
she 19. Although the marriage continued until Miriam's early death in
1740, there is no record of a birth to the couple. It must be stressed
that both Robert's and Miriam's families were well-represented in the
monthly meetings. It is highly unlikely that either an earlier marriage
of Robert's or the birth of a child would not be recorded. We can also
presume that, Henry most probably was at least 21 when he married in

In light of these facts, let's consider what else is known of Henry's
early life. While trawling through abstracts of Friends' meetings in
Chester Co., Cynthia discovered a 1741 wedding in East Nottingham where
Henry was a witness (as far as we know, the first time that his name
appears on a document.). Was this proof of his affiliation with the
Friends in general and that meeting in particular? "Not necessarily,"
said the librarians. Anyone could attend a wedding and might indeed
travel some distance to do so. They did, however, think it unlikely
that anyone under the age of 18 would be there unaccompanied by family
members (though they couldn't think of where this was expressly stated
as Friends' protocol). This corresponds to our Henry born c. 1723 and
married in 1746. But where was he seven months earlier when Deborah
Halliday was married at New Garden MM? Witnesses included her recently
re-married (and now disowned) brother Robert and her two married
sisters, Rachel & Margaret. If Henry was her nephew, wouldn't he
possibly have been there too? In fact, Henry courts invisibility as an
ally, and wherever else we have searched for him, we have drawn a
blank. There is not even a mention of him being disowned after his
marriage by a priest.

So what of the other Hallidays? Jacob died in 1721, aged only 15;
Rachel married Andrew Moore in 1725 and had 10 children; Margaret
married Samuel Miller in 1732; William died in 1741, leaving bequests
to Robert, his new wife Mabel, and to his just-married daughter Deborah
Lindley. After Mabel's death in 1752, Robert married his housekeeper
Hannah. He died in 1762, leaving a son Jacob, daughters Phebe and
Sarah, and two step-children.


March 2, 1762 (date written) March 17, 1762 (usually date filed)
Provides for wife Hannah and mentions her two sons Samuel and James
Dobins. To daughter Phebe Holliday £30 and all her own mother's
clothes. To son Jacob wearing apparel. To daughter Sarah £15. Jeremiah
Starr to be guardian for children. Remainder to son Jacob. Executor
Samuel Miller, Sr.
Witnesses: Morris Thomas, Samuel Miller, Jr., James Rowen

II. Old Swedes Church

This church in Wilmington, DE had the reputation, according to A. C.
Myers, of being tolerant towards any couple who wished to be married
there. It was especially favored by young Quakers who wished to
circumvent the scrutiny of the Meeting procedure. If Henry & Mary Fayle
were not a young, impetuous Quaker couple, why else might they have
decided to marry in this church presided over by a Swedish pastor?
Traditionally, the venue for a marriage was chosen by the bride. There
were two other significant marriages in OSC: Hannah Fayle m. John
Dobson, April 1747 and Abigail Fayle m. Alexander McCracken, 17 Jan

One could reasonably conclude that the Fayle family were members of
that congregation, these are three sisters, and that they were not
Quakers prior to marriage. I did not find any indication of the Fayle
parentage in Old Swedes records, but perhaps there are other records in
Wilmington, DE that would provide some help. So far I have not been
able to tie Henry Holaday back... Altho there may be some who believe
that Henry may be related to William Halliday & his wife Deborah ...,
there is no evidence in A C Myers or the extracted records of Newark MM
or New Garden MM to support this thought. The New Garden MM records
gives their children & Henry is not amongst them; so he remains a
mystery. (Jerry Richmond's comments) The history of this church and
the unique role it played in colonial American society is worthy of
more investigation. Some of the incumbents kept immaculate records, but
so far nothing has come to light that could aid our search.

III. What We Know For Sure

Henry is first spotted in East Nottingham MM on New Year's Eve, 1741.
This is 16-18 years after his estimated birth date, 11 years after
Robert Halliday's marriage to Miriam, and the same year that both
Robert's sister Deborah marries in New Garden MM and Wm. Halliday dies.
Henry Holyday married Mary Fayle March, 1746 in Old Swedes Church,
Wilmington, DE. After his marriage, he and Mary had 11 children:
Samuel, Robert, William, Deborah, Hannah, Thomas, Sarah, Abigail,
Henry, Rebekah and Mary, born between Dec. 1746 and 1766 (the first
three in PA, the others in NC). Henry & Mary Holaday moved from PA to
Cane Creek Meeting in NC in the early 1750s. (N.B. It is essential to
determine whether or not they had a COR when they attended their first
meeting.) They spent the rest of their lives there. Their children
married members of the Hadley, Newlin, Andrew, Dale, McCracken,
Quackenbush, and Hinshaw families. Henry was a chain carrier in the
surveying of a piece of land for William Braxton in 1756. Along with a
Joseph and Samuel Holliday, Henry is listed as having done 'Patriotic
Service' during the Revolutionary War. His will was proved in 1800,
signed with his mark.
He was buried beside Mary in Spring Cemetery, NC. §
Wm & Deborah Halliday's son Robert b. 16-7-1702 Westmeath. Arrived in
PA 12-6-1713. Married 1730, 1740, 1758; disowned 21-3-1740 and
25-2-1758. Died in 1762. Will makes no mention of Henry. Wm. died 1741,
leaving his land to Robert, his big pott from Ireland to Deborah
Lindley, and a griddle (or cow) to Mabel Halliday.

IV. Other Holadays

One story that has been handed down is that Henry was one of three
brothers who emigrated to America. According to this informant, he
settled in NC while the other two remained in northern states. There
was a Samuel Holiday working as a blacksmith in Uwchlan, PA in 1762. If
we could find out something more about him, it might be possible to
establish--or rule out--a relationship. Ruth Holyday witnessed New
Garden MM marriage in 1723 along with William &Robert Halliday. Who was
she? James Halliday & Hannah Leaze, both of Lurgan, co. Armagh, m. 1703
and emigrated to Salem, NJ. Is anything known about their family?
Significant Families in William Halliday's Circle

Joseph m. Dorothy Leeds

1) Ruth b. 1709 Burlington, NJ m. Robert Miller at Kennett MM, 1725. 14
Children :

Margaret, Solomon, Dorothy, Patience, Hannah, Warwick, Isaac, Jacob,
Rebecca, Joseph, Rachel, Sarah, Benjamin, James

2) Miriam, b. 1711, Burlington, m. Robert Halliday, New Garden MM, 1730

No issue? She died just before 1740

3) Patience, b. 1715, Burlington, m. Patrick Miller at East Nottingham
MM, 1735 (witnessed by Deborah and Miriam Halliday). Four children:
Joseph, Mary, Ruth, Patience.

She died before 1745


Gayen (b. Armagh 1674 m. Margaret Henderson 1693. d. 1742 PA) 14

1) Robert m. Ruth Haines

2) Patrick m. Patience Haines

3) Samuel (b. 28-4-1708) m. Margaret Halliday 1732. No issue. Died Nov.
1764. Executor of Robert Halliday's will.

4) Sarah m. John Jackson (Their son Isaac m. Phebe Halliday)

As far as I know, these families remained in PA, choosing not to travel


Marriage of Robert Halliday & Miriam Haines 3.9 (November) 1730 at New
Garden MM

Witnessed by:

Wm. Brown Dina Brown Joseph Haines
Mesr Brown Mary Elgar Deborah Halliday
Henry Reynolds Mary White Eliza (?)Haines
John White Elizabeth Roger Margie Halliday
Jeremiah Brown Rachel Oldham Sarah Halliday
Joseph Elgar Ruth Hadly Patience Haines
John Gantrill Elizabeth Kirk Deborah Halliday
William Jackson Mary Williams Jacob Haines
John Williams Charity Beeson Mary Haines
Joseph Chambers Esther Brown Robert Montgomery
Roger Kirk Miriam Coppock Alice Montgomery
James King
Jeremiah Starr

Thos Rogers

Richd Beeson

Richd Brown

John Litteller

Alex Ross

Wm Harris
Prudence Shaw
Henry Passins

Wm. Kirk

Thos Hughes

Thos Brown

Hugh Ottway

Richd Morris
Jane Montgomery Wm. Miller
Robert Miller

15.2 O.S. (May) 1741: Marriage of Deborah Halliday & Jonathan Lindley
at New Garden MM witnessed by:

John Baldwin Mary Lightfoot Robert Halliday
Robert Smith Kathe Lightfoot Rachel Moor
Richard Chambers Elenor Chamber Andrew Moor
Moses Shaw Margret Miller Margret Miller
Frances Hobson Deborah Fred Ruth Lindley
William Lightfoot Jr. William Miller Simon Hadley
James Reed Eleanor Jones Martha Hobson
Thomas Hiett Thos. Lindly Ann Montgomery
Benjamin Fred Hannah Lindley
Deborah Shaw
Mary Woody
Joseph Hobson
Michael Montgomery

31.10 OS. (Dec. 31st) 1741: Marriage of John Townsend and Joanna
England at East Nottingham MM. Witnessed by:

William Brown Margaret Churchman Joseph Townsend
Henry Clark Hannah Brown Joseph England
John Churchman Rachel Oldham John England
James Jeffers Anne Underhill Elizabeth England
James Johnston Mary Elgar Martha Townsend
John Hoopes Susannah Piggott Samuel England
Thomas Woodward Susannah Elgar Sarah England
Amos Boake Elisha Gatchell Henry Woodward
Samuel Howell Henry Reynolds Joseph England Jnr.
Henry Holliday John White Hannah Sharpless
George Churchman John Woodward Nathan Sharpless
Jeremiah Brown Sons Joseph Rotheram
Eliz. Rotheram

V. The Significance of Names

While the names of Henry & Mary's children do suggest an acquaintance
with the well-known Hallidays, we must admit that they are common--even
popular--names of the time. Looking beyond this, notice that Robert
Halliday's eldest son is called Jacob, in memory of his only brother
who died young. Where did Henry's own name come from? If anyone has
ideas about the tradition of naming children in the Society of Friends,
that would certainly be interesting.

VI. Mary Fayle

Unfortunately, even less is known about Mary than about her husband.
According to the IGI (not 100% reliable as a source), she was the
daughter of Samuel & Abigail (Garnet) who were married in Dublin in
1713. If this is correct, her line can be traced back to Richard Fayle,
who is mentioned in Joseph Besse's History of the Sufferings of the
People Called Quakers and was a friend of the well-known minister
William Edmundson. Once again, however, finding evidence of Mary's
birth to this couple, the family's emigration, and their whereabouts in
Chester Co. has been difficult. Does anyone know of a COR for anyone in
this family? Or can you positively identify the Samuel & Joshua
referred to by Myers who were admitted to New Garden MM in 1744? Any
suggestions welcome.

VII: More Clues Needed

We can't help feeling that someone out there knows something that could
contribute to the family search. If we gather together all the
remembered bits of family stories,maybe a detail will emerge to suggest
avenues to explore. Please send any comments to either:

Eve Watkins(***@hotmail.com)


Cynthia Phillips (***@yahoo.com)

And for those of you who aren't already familiar with this, here is a
couplet written by Sarah Holaday Newlin to her sons when they were
heading off into the West, reminding them of their lineage:

Thy parents from Old Ireland came/Thy father from Old England did the

A talent for Enigma does seem to be in the genes.

Eve Holaday Watkins
August 2001
2018-06-28 02:41:04 UTC
Post by Richard
My ancestor Thomas Ernle (b.ca 1544, d. 1595), gent., of Brembridge manor in
Dilton, parish of Westbury (Leigh), Wilts., was buried in Westbury parish
church on 3 Sept. 1595. His widow Bridget, daughter of Richard Franklin (of
where?) was buried there on 1 January 1610/11.
You may know this already, given how old this post is, but I've only recently become interested in these families. I think that Richard Franklin was of East Kennett, Wiltshire. A History of the County of Wiltshire, Vol. 12, has this to say:

Vol. 12: East Kennett: The possessions of St. Margaret's, including East Kennett, were settled on Anne of Cleves in 1539 and on Catherine Howard in 1541. (fn. 32) In 1543 the manor was granted to Henry Jones for life. (fn. 33) A fourth royal grant was made in 1553 to William Herbert, earl of Pembroke. (fn. 34) Pembroke sold the manor in 1563 to Richard Franklin (d. 1597) who was succeeded by his son Richard (d. 1634) and grandson William Franklin. (fn. 35) William Norden (d. 1638) purchased the manor in 1637 and his sons Richard (d. 1641) and John inherited in turn. (fn. 36) John Norden and his wife Elizabeth conveyed the manor to Michael Ernle in 1657.

The ipm of his son Richard, Bridget's brother, in 1634 is available in the online book Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquisitiones Post Mortem, Returned into the Court of Chancery in the Reign of King Charles the First.

--Anne Leggett McDonald, who believes herself to be a descendant of Richard Franklin d 1597 via his daughter of unknown first name who married a Robert Kingsman abt 1589 in Overton, Wiltshire.