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Hi John,

I can answer some of your Dowdall questions.

A. Re: 1. Paget's ancestry of Prince Charles includes the following descent:
P56641 SIR JOHN DOWDALL of Newtown Termonfeckin son of Walter - This Sir John married Joan Stokes (Calendar of Papal Letters, XI, pp. 243-4), Dowdall Deeds. He was living in 1372-1402 and was probably the John Dowdall who was Sheriff in 1402. He is probably the Sheriff of Louth who was murdered in 1402 (Marleburrough's Chronicle; Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1401--5 pp. 240, 242; 1405-8, pp. 248, 295, 296, 435, 443).

B. O28321 SIR JOHN DOWDALL of Newtown,(Termonfeckin) m. Anne Batome (should read - Bocumbe ). This Sir John Dowdall is the son of (A). He was a knighted by 1426 and living 1416-67; Sheriff before 1439 and in 1456; seneschal of Ulster c. 1452 (Cal. Rot. Pat. et Claus, p. 264, no 43; P.R.O.I. MS. 1A.49.135; Statute Rolls Ireland, vol II, p. 407

They had the following children:
1st son - Henry Dowdall
2nd son - Christopher - Archdeacon of Meath Diocese
3rd son - John (married Margaret Dartas)
4th son - Lawrence
They had several other sons and daughters and one daugther Katherine was forced to marry Christopher Verdon.

C. Sir John Dowdall married Margaret Jenico or Dartas/D'Artois/Dartis. There was a dispute about Margaret being abducted by John Dowdall but she denied it. They had one daughter Eleanor who married Thomas Fitz William.
Margaret was married to three husbands and had other daughters.

Taken from Dowdall Deeds No. 471 (1467 Nov. 28)

"Letters patent under the great seal of Ireland, reciting that whereas John Dovedale, knight, Henry Dovedale, of the vill of Castellomnagh, gentleman, John Dovedale, Laurence Dovedal, George Dovedale, Patrick Dovedale, all of the same vill, gentlemne, Nicholas Kynton of Stabanan, gentleman, Thomas Bigton of Tarfeghyn, yeoman and William Bulle, yeoman, are impleaded before the king in his chief place in IRland for abduction (Raptu) of Margaret Jenico alias Dartas: and the same Margaret came before John, earl of Worcester, deputy of George, duke of Clarence, lieutenant of Ireland, and swore on the Holy Gospels that she was not abducted nor carried off against her will; the premises considered and also that John, archbishop of Ardmagh, primate of Ireland by letters under his seal and by a publicn instrucment certified to the deputy on these matters and much more before his commissioner; the persons above named are hereby pardoned all treasons, felonies, abductions of women, e!
tc., hitherto perpetrated whereof they are any of them may be impleaded. But they an each of them ust stand to right in court if anyperosn wish to prosecute them for the premises.

Witness the aforesaid deputy at Dublin 28 Nov. 7 - Edward IV
By petitioin endorsed by the deputy and sealed by his privy seal, and for 6s. 8d. paid into the hanaper and the said date by authority of parliament."

D. N14161 Lawrence Dowdall of Glaspistol, m. Isabella FitzRichard of

There should be a correction to your information about Lawrence son of (B)

Lawrence 4th son of Sir John Dowdall (B) see above, living 1467 d. before 1502 married Matilda Fote. Matilda Fote's parents were William Fote and Isabel fitz Richard of Glaspistol and was ancestor of the Dowdall families of Athlumney, Mounttown (Monkstown) and Brownstown. ( Public Record office MS. 1A.49. 162, p. 11, Inq. 63 and see Dowdall Deeds Nos 506, 511 and Dowdall Deed Pedigree p. xix. Matida Fote was heiresss to Isabel fitz Richard who was heiress to fitz Richards of Glaspistol. Glaspistol is a ten pound tower castle built abt 1429. The Dowdall Coat of Arms in stone can still be seen on the castle, although it is now covered by ivy. Glaspisotl was in use till the late 1800s. Glaspistol was in the Dowdall family until the Cromwellian period when the Dowdalls lost their lands and Erasmus Smith took control of Glaspistol.

E. M7081 John Dowdall of Glasspistol, m. Eleanor Marwood (should read Martwart) of Skrine

This John Dowdall (died before 1550) is the son of Lawrence (D). and married Eleanor Marwart who was the daugther of Walter Marwart, Baron of Skreen (Archbishop Cromer's Register - Co. Louth Arch. Historical Journal 1937).One of three Dowdall martyrs for the Catholic faith was a descendent of John and Eleanor Marwart Dowdall.

"Fr John Baptist Dowdall was a Capuchin priest born about 1626 in Glaspistol, County Louth. He was a direct descendent of John Dowdall and Elinor Malwart Dowdall, daughter of Walter Malwart, Baron of Skreen.He was imprisoned many times in Dublin and finally taken to London where he died a martyr's death in prison." Taken from "James Dowdall of Drogheda, An Irish Martyr," an article which I wrote and will appear in the 2004 Edition of Seanchas Ard Mhacha (Historical Journal of Armagh Diocese).

F. L3541 Edward Dowdall of Glasspistol (d. VI.III.1590), m. Eleanor Galtrim of

According to the Manucript Dept of National Library of Ireland there is no last name listed for this Edward's wife. It has the following:

Edward Dowdall of Glaspistol, eldest son of John and Elinor Malwart....Ma. 1590 married Elinor daughter of Walter and Catherine Dundalk. I did not see a last name. Walter is a common name in the Hussey family and the Husseys are the Barons of Galtrim.

G. John Dowdall of Glaspistol ancestor to Athlumney Dowdalls married Anne daughter of Sir Thomas Cusack of Cussington,
County Meath, Knight. Sir Thomas Cusack was a cousin to Archbishop George Dowdall and held various offices
including Chancellor and Chief Lord Justice of Ireland.
According to Dowdall Deeds it was Edward, son of John Dowdall of Glaspistol and Elinor Malwart who was married to Anne Cusack and they don't list a town. DD states that Edward was born before 1529 and died March 6, 1590
and they had a son Thomas b. c. 1540, living 1590 and it is from this Thoms that the Athlumey Dowdalls descend

H. William Dowdall son of (E) John and Elinnor Martwart Dowdall according to the DD. Formerly of Mountstown/ Monkstown, County Meath. There is a note to see Burke Landed Gentry for his descendants; in its earlier parts it is just the genealogical MSS , with all its inaccuracies"
I. DD lists only two sons for William of Glaspistol - John and Lawrence and no wives are listed.
J. John son of (I) had a son Edward whose descendants were of Mountstown/Monkstown

K. Lawrence son of (H) had a son Nicholas who married Jane Alymer; 2nd wife Katherine Plunkett sister of Oliver Plunket 6th Baron of Louth. These Dowdalls are of Brownstown.

Edward Dowdall of Monkstown and Nicholas of Brownstown were brothers

The Dowdalls intermarried the leading families of Louth and Meath and I would imagine that his how they inherited land in Kilfinny, Limerick since Dowdalls were not of Limerick County and did not move into County Galway until after the land forfeitures of the Cromwellian period. (Lawrence of Athlumey). Also to answer your question about the two John Dowdalls, The father was married to
Ann Bocumbe and their son was married to Margaret Dartis/Dartas etc.

Please excuse the format. I mainly do historical research and am not use to listing the genealogical listings in format form. If you have any questions I will be happy to assist you if I can. I have been researching the Dowall family of County Louth, Meath and Westmeath for several years.

Beananchtai (Blessings in Gaeilge)
Margaret K.

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With respect to Dowdall and Prince Charles, you may be thinking of the
message I posted in April 2004, which I've copied (in large part) below. I
don't recall that anything more was posted on the topic. I'm still looking
for information on this family.

Some Dowdall questions:

1. Paget's ancestry of Prince Charles includes the following descent:
P56641 Sir John Dowdall
O28321 Sir John Dowdall of Newtown, m. Anne Batome
N14161 Lawrence Dowdall of Glasspistol, m. Isabella FitzRichard of
M7081 John Dowdall of Glasspistol, m. Eleanor Marwood of Skrine
L3541 Edward Dowdall of Glasspistol (d. VI.III.1590), m. Eleanor Galtrim of
K1771 John Dowdall of Glasspistol, Co. Louth, m. Anne Cusack of Cushington,
Co. Meath
J886 Mary Dowdall of Glasspistol, Co. Louth, m. William Smyth of Dundrum,
Co. Down

Is it known if either of the two Sir Johns is possibly the one that married
Margaret Dartois (or the father of that one)?

2. From a very early (and probably not very reliable) edition of Burke's
Landed Gentry, I can piece together the following interesting descent:
Sir John Dowdall (living 1450); m. (her 1st) Margaret [called Maude in BLG]
Sir Thomas Dowdall (probably d. 1510)
Sir William Dowdall
Sir William Dowdall
Sir John Dowdall
Sir John Dowdall of Kilfinny, Limerick, m. Elizabeth Southwell
Elizabeth Dowdall, m. Sir Hardress Waller (the regicide) [and eventually to
Princess Diana]

Can this descent be confirmed? Any details on the spouses of the various

3. From Burke's Irish Family Records, Elinor, only child of Sir Thomas
Dowdall by his wife Elizabeth, elder dau. and co-heiress of Sir Robert
Hollywood, m. John Nangle, 16th Baron of Navan. This Sir Thomas is
presumably NOT the same one mentioned above (unless the "only child"
reference is wrong) - can he be connected to the rest of the family?

John Higgins
2018-11-23 11:55:46 UTC
Hi Margaret

I understand that this thread is old, but I'm hoping that you (or someone else who reads the post) might be able to help me with information about the ancestry and descendants of Christopher Dowdall, of Castle Dowdall, who married Ann Fagan (dau of John Fagan of Feltrim). I think that they would have married some time between 1600 and 1630 - certainly before Cromwell's invasion. I'd be interested to see how Christopher might have been connected to the Elinor Dowdall that married the 16th of Navan, and/or the Sir John Dowdall who married Margaret D'Artois (14th Century).

Andrew Millard