Whatever happened to Nicholas Haute junior?
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Rhys Howitt
2019-07-27 01:43:49 UTC
Wondering if the Great and Good (or otherwise) on this forum would mind helping me with this one.

Sir Nicholas Haute was at Agincourt, with his eldest son William and a younger son Nicholas. Nicholas junior is who I'm asking about.

Son William went on to marry Joan Widville, so lots of the Hauts/Hawtes got dragged into that fun. Mostly they did badly under Richard III but lived to tell the tale.

Does anyone have any clues about brother Nicholas? I have that he was born about 1394, might have ended up with Swerdling manor in Kent, was in 1431 living with his brother at Bishopsbourne in Kent. He probably died before his brother made a will in 1462, as he's not mentioned there and formerly they were close.

That much I know from "Ancestry of Mary Isaac", which goes on to suggest a couple of possible sons, on thin evidence.

Does anyone have any other ideas what happened to him, whether he was married, and if he left children?

Rhys in Australia
Vance Mead
2019-07-27 05:15:37 UTC
Would this be the death of the father before 1420:

f 802 / Common Pleas, Hilary 1420
Kent. Nicholas Haute, knight, executors of; (John Haute; Robert Surrynden; John Seynour, chaplain) versus Henry Jenkyn, of Lymynge, executors of; (John Jenkyn, of Lymynge, laborer; William Jenkyn, of Lymynge, laborer). Debt of 40 pounds.

Fifth entry:

And would this be the son in 1430:
d 1248 / Easter 1430

Kent. Nicholas Hante, esq, versus Peter Halle, of Hyerne, esq. Debt of ten marks.

Sixth entry:

And probably him again in the Medieval Soldier database:
In 1441:
Nicholas Haute, man-at-arms, expedition France, under Richard Woodville, Lord Rivers.
Rhys Howitt
2019-07-27 07:40:56 UTC
Excellent answer, Vance. Yes, that's the father, and will be him.

Thanks for the AALT references -- I can just about do the Latin, but the AALT script (what's the hand called?) or rather the abbreviations just do me in.

So he went to France in 1441, and may well not have come back. Lord Rivers died immediately after that, so it might have been a tough campaign? No sign of an IPM or executors' legal case for Nicholas? Easily old enough to have wife and children.

Many thanks.
Vance Mead
2019-07-27 08:49:44 UTC
English Court Hand. Here's a book that might help in reading it:


And this shows how the abbreviated Latin is written out: