William son of Gerard of Quordon area, Leiscester
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2020-06-11 19:03:02 UTC
Any assistance from the list would be appreciated.

"William son of Gerard" appears in "The Charters of the Anglo-Norman Earls of Chester, C. 1071-1237, Volume 126. Geoffrey Barraclough, Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, 1988 - 511 pages


Some of "William son of Gerard" charters are witnessed by five of the six sons of Thomas Despenser and Recuara, suggestiive of being more than coincidence, perhaps a familial relationship.

# 351 (1207-1217)
# 352 (1207-1217)
# 353 (1210-1215)

Geoffrey Barraclough or the compilers/editors of the [Charter of Earls of Chester] papers say this: "The descent of the Gerards, as Ormerod observed (ii. 129) is "beset with difficulties', but it would seem that the recipient of the present grant is the first, speculation apart, of whom we have definite knowledge."

Does anyone have further info on him or his family.

His desecndants held land of the manors of Woodhouse and perhaps Stafford manor, both connected via Quorndon records
by Farnham, George F. (George Francis), b. 1859


Has anyone identified his parents, siblings or any chidren.

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2020-06-12 18:44:15 UTC
As Omerod suggested, this William Gerard is likely the ancestor the Gerard's of Kingsley and Bryn.

Furthermore, William Gerard's mother can be identified as being named Livina. The name Livina thus appears now for a third time in the Despenser family pedigree.