Richard LYMAN
(too old to reply)
2018-06-27 18:32:51 UTC
I agree that there is no provable royal descent for Richard Lyman. The article that briefly describes what is known about his English ancestry can be found in TAG 30: 187-90 (1954) by Donald Lines Jacobus and Clarence Almond Torrey. The list of his descendants includes all as 6th great grandsons Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Wilbur and Orville Wight, J. P. Morgan and Samuel Colt. The basis for the supposed royal line appeared in the “Life of Admiral George Dewey” published in 1898. Admiral Dewey is a Richard Lyman descendant. But the early English ancestry is a concoction which was all too fashionable in genealogies of that period.
The Hoorn
2018-06-29 00:53:49 UTC
I'm also a maternal descendant of Richard Lyman, and you and Todd are correct: No proven royal lineage. In fact, Richard's wife Sarah's surname is unknown. Some secondary sources call her Sarah, daughter of Roger Osborne of Halstead, Kent, but I haven't seen any documentary evidence to support that conclusion.