Mary (Benning) Wentworth and the Benning family of Tottenham, Middlesex
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Johnny Brananas
2011-01-12 22:14:45 UTC
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Samuel Wentworth of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, had a son Benning
Wentworth, who was born 1682, died before 1690. Samuel's other son
John, lieutenant governor of N.H., also had a son called Benning
Wentworth, born 1696, who went to Harvard College, and was later
Governor, etc.

The name Benning came into the family through the marriage of Samuel
Wentworth with Mary Benning in _circa_ 1665.

The _Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire_ says, p. 738
(sketch of Samuel Wentworth):

"m. by 1666 Mary Benning, sis. of Harry, and step-dau. of Henry
Deering (4)."

The sketch of Henry Deering in the same source says (p. 190) ...

"He m. 1st at Salis[bury]. 8 June 1664 Mrs. Ann, wid[ow]. of Ralph
Benning of Boston, 2d 15 Nov. 1676 Elizabeth (Mitchelson) Atkinson,
wid[ow]. of Theodore ..."

... while the sketch of Henry Benning says (p. 88) --

"Harry, b. ca. 1661, mariner, s. of Ralph of Boston, stepson of Henry
Dering ..."

In the Additions and Corrections in the back (p. 785), sub Dering, it
says that Ann (-------) (Benning) Deering/ Dering was "[aged about] 43
in May 1672."

So, this all seems to show us that Samuel Wentworth's wife Mary
Benning was a daughter of Ralph and Ann (-------) Benning of Boston.

The 1663 _Visitation of Middlesex_, p. 5, shows a Benning family of
Tottenham, Middlesex, with a child named Ralph:


The P.C.C. will (PROB 11/242) of Francis Benning of Tottenham,
Middlesex, "yeoman," dated 25 Feb. 1652 mentions:

--my body to be buried at the discretion of my loving son Ralph whom I
make Executor of my will
--son Francis and his son Francis
--son William and his daughter Elizabeth and son William
--son Symon and his heirs
--son Thomas
--son Ralph and his heirs, lands at Thaxted, Essex
--son Tobye
--wife Bennett
--poor of the parish of Tottenham
--brothers William and Thomas Benning to be overseers
--my cousin Elizabeth Benning, dau. of brother Matthew

Therefore we have two records showing that the Benning family of
Tottenham used the given name Ralph.

Notice that the _Wentworth Genealogy_ dealing with the New Hampshire
family states that Samuel Wentworth married "Mary Benning, who was
born at TATMOUR High Cross in London" ...


There is no such place as "Tatmour High Cross" near London. But
"Tottenham High Cross" is a well-known location in the county of
Middlesex (i.e., near London). I suspect that Tottenham was probably
written down as "Totnam" on some old paper belonging to the N.H.
Wentworths and was later misread as "Tatmour."

Therefore, there seem to be a number of clues that Mary (Benning)
Wentworth belonged to the Benning family of Tottenham, Middlesex
treated in the 1663 Visitation.
Douglas Richardson
2011-01-12 23:36:29 UTC
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Dear John ~

Thanks for sharing this information with the newsgroup. Much

I note that the Benning pedigree which you've cited starts with
Francis Benning and his wife, Mary Bolton, daughter of Thomas Bolton,
of Tottenham, Middlesex.

Mary (Bolton) Benning, however, is identified in Percival Boyd's
Citizens of London manuscript as the daughter of Simon Bolton, of
Tottenham, Middlesex, and his wife, Jane Okeman. SImon and Jane were
married in 1595. See the following weblink:


This may be correct. However, I note there is a reference to a Thomas
Bolton, of Tottenham, Middlesex, and his wife, Mary Barnardiston, in
the following weblink:


If so, there may be a Simon Bolton and a Thomas Bolton, both of
Tottenham. I see one online source which claims that Mary
Barnadiston's brother, Henry Barnardiston, was born in 1567. If so,
then Mary (Barnardiston) Bolton would be the right approximate age to
be the mother of Mary Bolton, wife of Francis Benning. Mary
Barnardiston's mother, Catherine Mordaunt, was allegedly a
granddaughter of John Mordaunt, 1st Lord Mordaunt. This might be
worth exploring.

Good luck!

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah
2011-01-13 00:55:32 UTC
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 I see one online source which claims that Mary
Barnadiston's brother, Henry Barnardiston, was born in 1567.  If so,
then Mary (Barnardiston) Bolton would be the right approximate age to
be the mother of Mary Bolton, wife of Francis Benning. Mary
Barnardiston's mother, Catherine Mordaunt, was allegedly a
granddaughter of John Mordaunt, 1st Lord Mordaunt.  This might be
worth exploring.
I doubt that your unnamed online source is correct in saying that
Henry Barnardiston was born in 1567, since other sources indicate that
Henry and Mary's father Robert was born 24 Aug and baptized 27 Aug
1569. Robert's wife was Catherine Mordaunt, whom you describe as an
"alleged" granddaughter of John, 1st Lord Mordaunt. For details on
Robert, Henry, and Mary, including information on both the Mordaunt
and Bolton marriages, see pages 182 and 186 in this source:

And also (with less detail) on page 92 of this source:
2017-06-01 19:42:59 UTC
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Here is my original 2011 posting on the family of Benning of Tottenham High Cross, Middlesex, and their possible American descendants in the Wentworth family of New Hampshire:


Doug's posting above noted that Mary (Bolton) Benning could have been a daughter either of Simon and Jane (Oakman) Bolton ... or of Thomas and Mary (Barnardiston) Bolton. If the latter, there was then the possibility of descent through Barnardiston from the Mordaunt family, a connection of Lord Mordaunt.

_Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica_, presents a near-contemporary London pedigree apparently proving that Simon Bolton is the correct father of the wife of Francis Benning, who I argued was the father of the American Wentworth wife. These Boltons are shown as derived from the Lancashire Bolton family of "Bolton le More."


See also the Middlesex Visitation pedigree of Benning, which clearly shows a Ralph, possibly in the wrong generation:

2017-06-01 19:45:38 UTC
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Correction: Francis Benning would have been the grandfather of the Wentworth wife, with Ralph Benning being the father.