Princess of scotland to a nobody?
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2017-06-06 22:09:51 UTC
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This is an old thread, but as a descendant of Matilda & Thomas
I just wanted to pipe up so I get notified if anyone posts again
on it. Thank you.
Douglas Richardson
2017-06-06 23:48:18 UTC
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Dear Sara ~

Below is my current file account regarding Maud de Brus and her husband, Thomas Isaac, Esq. (also known as Thomas son of Isaac). Her given name was Maud. Matilda is the Latin form of her name.

Thomas Isaac appears to have owned no lands in his own right in Scotland, which suggests the possibility that he was from outside of Scotland. He certainly had no title. I suppose he might have been French, as we know that Maud was living in France from 1334 to 1341. Soon after Maud's return to Scotland, she married Thomas Isaac.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

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MAUD DE BRUS, daughter by her father’s 2nd marriage. She was sent to France in 1334 along with her brother, King David II of Scotland, and her sister, Margaret, for their safety. They returned to Scotland in 1341. She married after June 1342 but before 1345 THOMAS ISAAC (or YSAK), Esq. They had two daughters, Janet and Katherine. In 1342 Thomas son of Isaac was paid £6 12s. 6d. “until otherwise provided for.” At an unknown date, his wife, Maud, was granted half of the thanage of Formartine and Kintore, Aberdeenshire by her brother, David II, King of Scots. Maud died at Aberdeen 20 July 1353, and was buried in the abbey church of Dunfermline, Fife by her parents. THOMAS ISAAC, Esq., was living in Nov. 1364.


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