Who was Anne (Cole) Wase, and was she ancestral to the Brinleys of New England?
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2017-06-06 23:28:09 UTC
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I believe I've posted on this topic before, but can't currently find that posting.

This webpage gives a basic idea of the three-generation line of descent I'm wondering about:


--Anne Cole (? b. 1582- ) = William Wase II (1580-1642), son of William Wase and Christine/Christian Budd

--Anne Wase (? 1600-1687) = Thomas Brinley (d. 1661)

--children: Brinley immigrants to New England, including Francis Brinley and Grizell (Brinley) Sylvester

Tombstones at Datchet, Bucks., provide the death dates of William Wase II and Thomas Brinley and state the relationship between them.

Addenda to the Sussex Visitation provides the following description of the pertinent Wase line:


--Wm. Wase son of Wm. = X'pian [ie., Christian] da. of ... Budd, sister of Auditor Budd

--Wm. Wase son of Wllm. Wase = Ann d. of ... Cole by .... da. of ... Hanby

_An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Buckinghamshire_ apparently describes a gravestone at Datchet, Bucks., to "Rose, wife of Richard Budd, Auditor of the King's Revenue, 1624, her son Richard, her niece Anne, wife of William Wase, 1661." As William Wase of Datchet, who married Anne Cole, was the son of Christian Budd, sister to Rose's husband, Auditor Richard Budd, this could be a satisfactory and totally correct description. However, I believe that Anne Cole was Rose (?__) Budd's OWN niece as well as the wife of Richard Budd's nephew.

The Visitation of Worcestershire shows that the Rose who married Auditor Richard Budd was _nee_ Rose Hanbury, a daughter of Richard Hanbury of Elmley, Worcestershire:


Note that Rose (Hanbury) Budd had a sister ___, married to Mr. Cole, parson of Elmley.

Other sources indicate that parson Cole of Elmley was the Rev. John Cole, who died in 1615, and whose wife was Elizabeth Hanbury:




Rose (Hanbury) Budd and Elizabeth (Hanbury) Cole are mentioned together in this 1608 will of their wealthy kinsman Richard Hanbury of DATCHET:


Richard Hanbury, a native of Worcestershire, had lived in London and at Datchet, Bucks., where the Wases and Brinley were later to be found.

If the Anne Cole who married William Wase of Datchet can in fact be successfully identified as a daughter of Rev. John and Elizabeth (Hanbury) Cole of Elmley, the ancestry of the Hanburies of Worcestershire should be checked for any royal descents. I note that one source gives Rose and Elizabeth's ancestress, the wife of an earlier sixteenth-century Richard Hanbury, as the daughter of "John Bassett of North Luffenham, Rutland (by Anne his wife, daughter of Thomas Rouse, of Overton, Worcestershire)" ....


... which Anne (Rouse) Bassett is identified elsewhere as a grandchild of a Vavasour and great-grandchild of a Stafford.

2017-06-07 18:03:34 UTC
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I realized that as the Hanbury genealogy assigns a birthyear of 1580 to Elizabeth Hanbury, wife of Rev. John Cole, while the first website mentioned gives a birthyear of ca. 1582 for her supposed daughter Anne (Cole) Wase, this line is probably untenable.

(You could squeeze it in and make it work--barely--if three generations of women each married at 15, but that seems like a stretch.)

Back to the drawing board ....