Sir Lewis Clifford/Eleanor de Mowbray Question
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Nicole Forsgren
2017-05-16 23:12:06 UTC
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I have a couple of questions about the Clifford line pertaining to:

Sir Lewis de Clifford (d. 1404) and his wife Eleanor de Mowbray (d. 1387)

1st question:
I’ve been using Plantagenet Ancestry for research. It states on p. 401 that Lewis and Eleanor had one son: Lewis Clifford. Is this the same Lewis Clifford that married Anne Moleyns (dau. Of William de Moleyns and Margery)? If not, do you have any information about that particular Lewis Clifford?
I’ve also seen that the Lewis, who was married to Anne Moleyn, father’s name was William de Clifford (whose parents were Lewis de Clifford and Eleanor de Mowbray). According to Plantagenet Ancestry, Lewis and Eleanor had 1 son: Lewis. So unless the book is wrong, that is obviously not right.
I’m not sure about the dates I have for any of these, so thought I’d turn to you for some help.

2nd Question:
I’ve been researching Sir Lewis de Clifford (d. 1404), in the hopes of finding an answer to my first question. I have been finding contradicting information regarding the identity of his parents. A couple sources list Robert de Clifford/Isabel de Berkeley as his parents with Roger de Clifford as a brother. A couple other sources list Roger de Clifford (5th Lord Clifford)/Maud de Beauchamp. Can anyone clarify which, if any, is correct?

I’m beginning to think there might be more than 2 Lewis Clifford’s getting mixed up in this family line…
Thank you for your help in advance.
Paulo Canedo
2017-05-17 13:21:51 UTC
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Dugdale said that Lewis was son of Roger however Sir H.Nicholas analysed and said he was probably his brother not his son.
Nicole Forsgren
2017-05-18 18:42:45 UTC
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Yes, that's what I've discovered. Everything I've found online and through the archive are just like that. One will say Roger is Lewis' father and the next will say they are brothers. I've even found sources that list the incorrect wife, not Eleanor de Mowbray. It's frustrating, everyone copying everyone else instead of finding some documentation to prove one way or the other.
Andrew Lancaster
2017-05-24 07:44:57 UTC
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A Devon visitation makes him a son of Thomas Clifford:


And another work which discusses his genealogy in some detail puts him a further generation back, son of Robert, and brother to the above mentioned Roger:


Complete Peerage, (Vol III, page 292) says "Sir Lewis Clifford, K.G., whose curious will (1404) is given by Dugdale, and who is the reputed ancestor of the Barons Clifford of Chudleigh, was probably a br., but certainly not a son, of this Lord". The Lord being referred to is Roger de Clifford b. 10 July 1333, d. 12 July 1389, aged 56.

Lewis did have a son Lewis. Nothing is known of what happened to him. Old pedigrees also often suggest he and his wife Eleanor had a son named William. For example see the Devonshire pedigree and Dugdale's Baronage. There are strong doubts about whether William is a son of Sir Lewis.

The History of Parliament article for the MP Robert Clifford claims Lewis was even from a Devonshire branch of the Cliffords, and it and many other sources seem to accept it as likely (but not proven) that he was closely related to William Clifford who married Arnold Savage's daughter in Kent. There were similarities in the arms they bore, and also the Kent family used the name Lewis a lot.

However, they do not seem to have ever been considered as potential heirs to Lewis's known daughter however.